Thursday, November 7, 2013

Drombler FX: Version 0.2 released

I recently released Drombler FX v0.2. Drombler FX is a modular Rich Client Platform for JavaFX based on OSGi and Maven (POM-first).

For this release, a lot of work has been done in the stabilization of the Docking Framework.

In addition, the icon property gets now respected when registering a Dockable Pane:

Note that the icon property only specifies the name pattern. Drombler FX looks for <icon-base-name>16.<icon-extension> for menu items and tabs (expected to be 16x16 pixels).
In the example above Drombler FX would look for left-test-pane16.png.

Note: Maven expects resources to be in a resources directory. If you're using drombler-fx-parent as your parent POM, it's best to put binary files under the resources-bin directory as this directory has been configured not to be filtered for variables.

With this release Drombler FX now expects the '%' prefix rather than the '#' prefix it used before when identifying resouce strings to be looked up in the file.
With this change the prefix is now aligned with the prefix used by JavaFX/ FXML.
Since this is an incompatible change, please make sure you replace the prefixes in your code!

You can find the complete list of fixed issues here:

There's a Getting Started page which explains how to create, build and run a Drombler FX sample application with a few simple steps. 

The artifacts are available from Maven Central.

You can use the Drombler Forum for questions and discussions.

If you find issues or have enhancement requests, you can file a ticket here:

Note: As this is an Early Access release, all APIs might be subject to change.

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