Wednesday, June 20, 2012

News - OpenJFX: Better Skin support in OSGi-environments

Great news from the OpenJFX project: my patch (with refinements from Oracle and other community members) to load custom Skins in an OSGi-environment has been pushed to the OpenJDK/ OpenJFX/2.2/master/rt repository and integrated into the JavaFX 2.2 Developer Preview .

Here is the according JIRA issue: RT-14177

OpenJFX is Oracle's effort to open source JavaFX, the next-generation GUI toolkit to create Rich Internet Applications (RIA) on top of the Java SE platform.
OpenJFX is a part of the OpenJDK project (Oracle's effort to open source the Java SE platform).

For me, working on this patch not only helped to unblock Skin-loading in OSGi-environments, but also showed that through the OpenJFX project Oracle is working on JavaFX together with the community.

It's not very hard to get started with OpenJFX development, although the Getting Started page is slightly out-dated. You will have to replace '2.1' with '2.2' to get the current development branch. I encourage the community to help to improve JavaFX.