Saturday, September 17, 2016

News from the Software Smithy: Version 0.6 released

SoftSmithy news: I recently released a new version of the SoftSmithy Utility Library and the SoftSmithy Development Utility Library.

It has been a while since the last release but a lot of work has been undertaken.

SoftSmithy moved from to GitHub.
This includes:
  • You can find all SoftSmithy repositories on the SoftSmithy GitHub organization site.
  • All SoftSmithy repositories have been migrated from Mercurial to Git
  • The Gitflow has been configured for all repositories. You can find the current development in the develop branches (default branch) and the released versions in the master branch.
  • The static pages as well as the Wiki pages haven been migrated to GitHub Pages.
Java SE 8
All modules require now at least Java SE 8.

In addition some small additions, fixes and clean-ups have been added.
Note that for easier version management the version of the SoftSmithy Development Utility Library is aligned with the version of the SoftSmithy Utility Library. As the SoftSmithy Development Utility Library has a dependency on the SoftSmithy Utility Library it's recommended to use the same version of both libraries until the APIs are stable!

You can find the lates Javadoc here: Javadoc

I deployed the artifacts (including the source and javadoc artifacts) to Maven Central.