Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Drombler FX: Version 0.10 released

I recently released v0.10 of Drombler FX - the modular application framework for JavaFX.

This version is mainly a bug fix release and especially fixes some issues on Macs.

Please note that the Drombler FX Maven Plugin has been rewritten. The tasks have been split up into several goals, which are bound to the relevant phase of the default lifecycle. The plugin documentation will be updated in the next version.

The project now provides a "How to Contribute"-page. Projects like this one need to be build by a community working together to be really successful. There are several ways how you can contribute to this project.
Contributions are highly welcome!

You can find the complete list of fixed issues here:

There's a Getting Started page which explains how to create, build and run a Drombler FX sample application with a few simple steps.

The following table provides you an overview of the different Drombler components, links to the modules, which are available from Maven Central, and links to the Javadocs.

Name Modules
(incl. Maven Coordinates)
Javadoc Description
Drombler FX Modules Javadoc Drombler FX, the modular application framework for JavaFX based on:
Drombler ACP Modules Javadoc Drombler Abstract Client Platform (ACP) is an abstract, GUI-toolkit agnostic, modular Rich Client Platform based on:
Drombler Commons Modules Javadoc Drombler Commons is a collection of reusable libraries and frameworks. They ship with OSGi meta data but don't require an OSGi environment.

If you find issues or have enhancement requests, you can file a ticket here:

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  1. Hi Florian,

    first thanks for this cool project. Did you ever try Vaadin as a GUI Tookit instead of JavaFX or are there any fallacies when using Vaadin you know of?

    Kind regards,